About Us

CytomX is a biotechnology company changing the landscape of antibody therapeutics with highly targeted Probody™ therapeutics.

Our Probody™ Platform is a disruptive technology that unlocks the full potential of therapeutic antibodies in oncology. The unique selectivity of Probodies localizes the activity of the underlying antibody to the tumor microenvironment.  Probodies minimize activity on healthy tissue, thereby expanding the therapeutic window for a broad array of validated and novel targets. Using our platform, we are advancing multiple proprietary Probody drug conjugate and Precision™ cancer immunotherapy product candidates toward clinical investigation. In addition, we are applying our Probody technology to T-cell engaging bispecific antibodies and engineered T-cell therapies.

The Probody Platform has attracted multiple strategic partnerships with industry-leading pharmaceutical companies, including Bristol-Myers Squibb, Pfizer, and Immunogen. By partnering on a selective basis, we broaden the reach of our technology, access non-dilutive capital and further develop our capabilities.

CytomX is well-financed by leading life science investors, including Third Rock Ventures, Canaan Partners, the Roche Venture Fund and Pfizer Venture Investments.

At CytomX, we are led by a seasoned and proven management team and build upon our deep experience and know-how in the fields of antibody drug development, cancer biology, clinical and translational medicine, and business development. To accomplish our mission, the CytomX team embraces our corporate values of integrity, commitment, creativity, teamwork, accountability and fun.