We are leveraging our disruptive Probody™ Platform to advance a pipeline of Precision™ cancer immunotherapies, Probody drug conjugates, bispecifics and engineered T-cell therapies to treat cancer.

Our innovative pipeline is led by the development of next-generation therapies in two key areas in research and development: Precision cancer immunotherapy and Probody drug conjugates (PDCs). By widening the therapeutic index of these potent approaches, Probody-based therapeutics have the potential to set new standards for safety and efficacy. Additional pipeline programs include Probody applications in the field of bispecific antibodies and engineered T-cell therapies – classes of therapeutics that have shown groundbreaking potential but are restricted by toxicity concerns.

Precision Cancer Immunotherapy Program
Our increasing understanding of the interaction of tumor cells and the immune system has identified promising new targets for the treatment of cancer. By unleashing the patient’s immune system – predominantly T cells – to kill tumor cells, cancer immunotherapies have the potential to drive potent and durable responses. The full potential for the immunotherapy field is believed to lie in combination therapies. Early clinical results from immunotherapy combinations have resulted in promising efficacy but also significant toxicity

At CytomX, we are applying Probody technology to enable the discovery and development of Precision cancer immunotherapies against a number of promising targets that are currently hampered by on-target, off-tissue toxicities or by enhancement of systemic autoimmunity. Our Probody technology should expand the therapeutic index for targets and enable the combination with immunotherapies not otherwise possible.

Our internal pipeline is led by Probody agonists and antagonists, including our proprietary Probodies targeting PD-L1. We have also established a partnership with Bristol-Myers Squibb for the discovery and development of up to four immunotherapy programs, including a CTLA-4 targeting Probody.

Probody™ Drug Conjugate Program
The success of antibody drug conjugates Kadcyla® and Adcetris® have highlighted the promise of combining extremely potent cytotoxic compounds with the specificity of monoclonal antibodies for the treatment of cancer. However, the target landscape for a conventional antibody-based drug conjugate is limited by toxicity and PK issues for solid tumor targets that are also expressed significantly in healthy tissue.

At CytomX, we are applying our Probody Platform to expand the drug conjugate target landscape and develop Probody drug conjugates (PDCs) to promising targets to treat cancer. PDCs can reduce the collateral damage to normal tissues, maintain long term PK and maximize delivery of toxins to cancerous cells.

Our internal pipeline is led by multiple PDCs that are being considered for advancement into clinical investigation. We have established partnerships with Pfizer and Immunogen for multiple therapeutic targets.

KADCYLA is a trademark of Genentech, Inc.  ADCETRIS is a trademark of Seattle Genetics, Inc.