The Probody Platform

CytomX's Probody™ Platform is broadly enabling to all antibody formats, including traditional monoclonal antibodies, bispecifics, multispecifics and ADCs.

Through precise targeting of the disease microenvironment, Probodies have the potential to address diseases in ways that have not been possible to-date, enabling a new level of tissue targeting, selectivity and activation.

CytomX’s Probodies are fully recombinant, masked antibodies that remain inert in healthy tissue but are activated specifically in the disease microenvironment. Probodies leverage dysregulated protease activity, a hallmark of many disease states, to locally activate in the disease tissue, thereby achieving unprecedented levels of tissue-specific targeting.

CytomX’s proprietary, antibody-masking technology ensures that Probodies only bind to antigens in diseased tissue by blocking their binding ability to healthy tissue. In diseased tissue, certain disease-associated proteases that are dysregulated and active in the microenvironment cleave the substrate and remove the mask.

Probodies have the potential to expand the therapeutic window for diseases by increasing safety and unlocking efficacy. Probodies expand the therapeutic index for targets where therapeutic intervention is expected to have a significant impact on the disease, but also where normal tissue expression patterns are too widespread to allow for adequate safety margins using conventional antibody approaches.

CytomX has optimized its Probody Platform and established preclinical proof of concept for Probodies.