Our Approach

Our proprietary Probody™ approach has the power to significantly expand the opportunity for therapeutic antibodies in oncology by addressing the limitations of existing technologies.

Recent advances in cancer therapy, driven by emerging classes of antibody therapeutics, such as antibody drug conjugates, immunotherapy, T-cell engaging bispecifics and engineered T-cell therapies, have shown tremendous efficacy. Ideally these therapies would be designed bind to antigen targets found exclusively on cancer cells, but few such targets exist as the majority are also found on healthy tissue, resulting in significant toxic side effects. This on-target but off-tissue binding limits the therapeutic dosing and restricts the applications to only a handful of disease targets that are differentially expressed in specific cancers. The requirement of differential target expression limits the breadth of applicability for these emerging classes of antibody therapeutics.

At CytomX, we are using our novel Probody Platform to unlock the full potential of these antibody technologies and overcome the limitations to improve the lives of patients. Probodies are fully recombinant, masked monoclonal antibodies that remain inert in healthy tissue but are activated specifically in the disease microenvironment. Through this precise targeting of the disease microenvironment and selective binding, our Probodies have the potential to address diseases in ways that have not been possible to-date, including access to targets and therapeutic combinations previously considered too toxic.

Preclinical proof of concept data for our Probody approach has been published in Science Translational Medicine.