Our Approach

CytomX's proprietary Probody™ Platform represents a disruptive approach to discovering and developing empowered antibodies to treat areas of major unmet medical need.

Through precise targeting of the disease microenvironment, Probodies have the potential to address diseases in ways that have not been possible to-date, enabling a new level of tissue targeting, selectivity and activation.

This novel platform is enabling the development of a diversified pipeline of empowered antibodies, including Probodies, Probody-Drug Conjugates (PDCs), bispecifics, multispecifics and other formats. Through its pipeline of Probodies, CytomX is addressing previously undruggable targets in cancer, inflammation and other areas of significant unmet medical need.

The improved target selectivity of CytomX’s Probodies allows the company to open a therapeutic window for high potential but previously inaccessible targets, and to expand the therapeutic index of existing, validated targets, thereby redefining the landscape for therapeutic antibodies.

CytomX’s Probody Platform and pipeline of Probodies are based on a robust portfolio of intellectual property and patented technology.