Our Approach

Our proprietary Probody™ approach has the power to significantly expand the target landscape for the development of antibody drug conjugates and cancer immunotherapies to realize the full potential of these emerging classes of medicines.

Cancer remains the second-most common cause of death in most of the world despite continuous medical improvements. Many of the most potent anti-cancer therapies are associated with significant side effects that can compromise a patient’s treatment and impact the quality of life of those affected. At CytomX, we are focused on using our novel Probody Platform to develop new, safer and more effective treatments that overcome the limitations of current therapies and improve the lives of patients.

Over time, the medical industry has created engineered monoclonal antibodies (MAbs) as a form of targeted cancer treatment. These MAbs bind to certain tumor antigens and modulate signaling pathways that are critical in disease progression, resulting in the efficacy of a drug therapy. However, these same antigens are also often expressed on healthy tissue, resulting in toxic side effects. Since many tumor antigens are also expressed on healthy tissue, the universe of targets available to traditional antibody therapeutics has been limited.

At CytomX, we have pioneered the development of Probodies – fully recombinant, masked MAbs that remain inert in healthy tissue but are activated specifically in the disease microenvironment. Through this precise targeting of the disease microenvironment and selective binding, our Probodies have the potential to address diseases in ways that have not been possible to-date, enabling a new level of tissue targeting, selectivity and activation.

Preclinical proof of concept data for our Probody approach has been published in Science Translational Medicine.